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We have finally arrived at the final phase of Season 2 of the Free Fire Pro Series. After 5 days of Open Qualifiers, 12 days of a highly contested Group Stage, and 2 days of a stacked Last Chance Qualifier, we are down to the 12 best squads in North American Free Fire. These squads are fighting for an impressive $50,000 prize pool, having earned a piece of it just for making it to the final round. For anyone who hasn’t yet heard, the top team will also carry the flag for North America’s rite of passage into the international world of Free Fire: The first ever North American invite to the Fire World Series, going down in Sentosa, Singapore in May. The Grand Finals will be a three day battle, with teams playing 6 games per day on April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Points will be totaled across the entire weekend so every match will count. We are pleased to announce our finalist teams for Season 2 of the Free Fire Pro Series!

Group Stage Dominance

Of the 12 squads playing in the Grand Finals, 8 of them qualified directly from the 4 week Group Stage.

Pisar Esports, our returning champions from Season 1, dominated the Group Stage. They finished in 1st as the team kill leaders with 285 kills and featuring Adiel, your top killer across the entire tournament. They held the top spot 4 weeks in a row and show no signs of slowing down.

Fuego was one of our hottest teams from Season 1, and they did not disappoint in Season 2. Finishing in 2nd with 10 Booyahs in the tournament, the most Booyahs of any team in the Group Stage, they will certainly bring the heat to the Grand Final.

Team 999 really turned it up in the Season 2 Group Stage. After a really impressive cruise through the Open Qualifiers, they pulled out a 106 point performance in Week 2 and kept their games clean and lean with Mr. T at the helm.

Atomic ran through the Open Qualifier with more expectations that most, having Season 1 Champion Abreu in the lineup. With a massive breakout performance from Dakz throughout the latter stages of the tournament and a 100 point Day in Week 2, Atomic are certainly one of the top contenders for an FFPS win.

Virus Gaming make a stunning return after their 2nd place finish in the Season 1 Grand Final. This time around they avoid the Last Chance Qualifier altogether, putting down the best single-day performance in the Group Stage with 116 points in Week 3. After a much cleaner start to their tournament, they are not looking to settle for 2nd place again.

Club 9D showed a level of consistency that is rare in battle royales. They showed plenty of early dominance in terms of ring play, picking up 5 wins in their first two gamedays alone. Even in a kill-heavy meta, they found enough success to find themselves in another FFPS Grand Final.

USA Esports may have had the most polarizing start to their tournament. They achieved a 93 point gameday on Day 4, only to follow it up by a 20 point gameday that same week. Nonetheless, they stabilized for the latter half of their Group Stage and cleaned up enough to take the 7th slot in their 2nd Grand Final, hoping to improve from 5th place from Season 1.

Osaka round out our top 8. After a lukewarm final day in the Group Stage, their performance was just enough to avoid getting knocked into the LCQ. Their balance of kills and placements, as well as their ability to rotate into decent late-game spaces was just what they needed to make a reappearance in an FFPS Final

Last Chance : Achieved

The remaining 4 finalists teams come direct from the top cut of the Last Chance Qualifier. They came short in the Group Stage and had to prove their worth in a two-day gauntlet.

DN Esports was the team to beat in the LCQ. They won 4 of the 12 games played, and reaffirmed their 9th place finish in the Group Stage with a clean sweep of the Last Chance Qualifier.

C7 Esports reach the Grand Finals and promptly back-branded from Zundel, the name they carried through the Group Stage and LCQ. This squad fell short in the Season 1 Last Chance Qualifier, but after back to back wins on Kalahari in Season 2 they will soar into their first FFPS Grand Final in style.

La ONU join their Season 1 returner brethren in their second FFPS Grand Final. The competition was fierce, and they were not able to avoid the LCQ this time around. Managing to slay out and pick up solid overall placements, La ONU look to improve upon their 5th place Finals finish in Season 1.

1A Esports had a firm wake-up call for the Last Chance Qualifier. They massively outperform their 15th place Group Stage finish by putting up two Booyahs and just clearing the finish line for a Finals appearance.

The Season 2 Grand Finals will take place on April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, with live brodcasts on Twitch and YouTube featuring top-class talent and game-by-game coverage of the exciting conclusion to the Free Fire Pro Series for North America. All three gamedays will count toward the total Grand Finals score, so every game and every Booyah will have a huge impact on the final scoreboard. Tune in to cheer on your favorite squads and find out who will be taking a trip to Sentosa and claiming the season 2 crown!

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