LCQ Recap & Outcome [S2]

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Our Last Chance Qualifier weekend has come to an exhilarating conclusion. 12 teams put it all on the line in a 12 game gauntlet trying to lock down 1 of 4 slots remaining in the Season 2 Grand Finals. The squads placed 9th thru 20th from the Group Stage got their last chance at keeping their tournament runs alive, fighting tooth and nail to rack up points against their opponents. Check out the final leaderboard for the LCQ below to see which teams made it through, and which squads will see an end to their Season 2 journey!

The Road to Sentosa Continues

DN Esports completely dominated this Last Chance Qualifier. They made it resoundingly clear that their Group Stage performance was not a fluke, and that they deserved their shot at the FFPS Season 2 title. With 4 Booyahs and 94 kills, they are posed to give all of the top teams in the Grand Final a run for their chunk of the prize money.

Zundel was up against the ropes, starting Day 2 in 10th place with an unspectacular Day 1. They showed up on Day 2 posed to rewrite the script and did exactly that, finding back-to-back wins on Kalahari and ascending to a top 3 finish. Well played from another one of our returning squads from Season 1.

La ONU had a hot an cold run through the qualifier. Stuck in a close race with the likes of 1A and Rambox, they dug deep and put up 15 points in the final game of the LCQ, clearing the 5th place team by a mere 3 points. Our final returning Season 1 squad making it through, they will have a lot to prove as they roll into their second trip to an FFPS Final.

IA seemed to struggle finding their footing against some of the top teams. However, their standout games were fantastic games, tied with Zundel for 2nd most Booyahs with 2, and picking up squad wipes when they mattered most. They will arrive at the Grand Finals with a brand new logo and a clean slate, ready to win games and take names.

That leaves us with just one challenge left for our top 12 North American squads. The Free Fire Pro Series Season 2 Finals are going down this weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday live on Twitch and YouTube. You do not want to miss the biggest event in North American Free Fire, with $50,000 on the line and an invite to the Free Fire World Series at the top.

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