Group Stage – Week 1 [S2]

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Week 1 of the Group Stage is a wrap for Season 2 of the FFPS. Plenty of exciting returns and pleasant surprises kicked off the action in true North American fashion. Check out our Week 1 leaderboard to see which teams are climbing to the top of the hill early and which teams are struggling out of the gate. Reminder, due to our double-round robin format and three gamedays per week. Groups A and C have played for two gamedays, while Groups B and D have only played one, so keep that in mind as you look at the scores:

Returning champions Pisar Esports made a huge statement right off the bat by claiming the top spot at the end of Week 3. Adiel is your current kill leader with 33 kills, and Domidios is keeping up with a respectable 28 kills. It looks like Pisar Esports doesn’t plan to give up their throne anytime soon.

Fuego is starting Season 2 off with a heater performance placing them in second place. Though Pisar features the individual kill leaders, Fuego are your team kill leaders with 94 kills as a squad. The teamwork from the squad is looking both explosive and dangerous, with 4 members in the 20 kill club thus far.

Club 9D came prepped to the nines with a fantastic zone game plan that netted them 5 Booyahs across 12 games. As if that weren’t impressive enough, 9D currently own the hills of Kalahari with a 100% winrate on the map. They might be 3rd in the standings but the are the Kings of Kahalari.

Are your favorite teams near the top of the stack? Which teams are you rooting for to shake up the standings? Day 4 will put all teams on even footing with two gamedays each. Make sure you tune in live on YouTube and Twitch to find out which teams will hold onto their lead and which teams will make waves and show North America who really belongs at the top!

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