Group Stage – Week 2 [S2]

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After 36 action-packed games, we have reached the half-way point of the Free Fire Pro Series for North America. All 24 teams have faced off against each other in a 12-team lobby at least once, with plenty of teams well on their way to qualifying, while others are struggling to catch their groove. Only 8 teams qualify directly to the Grand Finals, while the bottom 4 teams will be eliminated, and the 9th-20th placed teams will have to fight their way through the Last Chance Qualifier. With all of that in mind, let’s check out our mid-series standings!

The Top of the Stack

Returning Season 1 Champions Pisar Esports make a resounding statement to the rest of North America after the first half of the season. They’ve won this thing once, and they have clear plans to win it again. Your number one team, your top team kills, and the highest single-day score of 114, Pisar Esports look in tip-top shape to continue their run and put a permanent stamp on the FFPS under their new banner. Adiel remains your individual kill leader at 52 kills, and Domidios is close behind, tied for 2nd in the whole league at 39 kills.

Keeping things hot in second place are Fuego, who managed an impressive Day 5 performance with 97 points and 3 Booyahs. They are 1st in total wins with 6 Booyahs to their name, they are tied for highest single-map average placement with 2.33 on Purgatory, and rocked two 90+ point gamedays to lock down 2nd place with a 33 point lead above 3rd. They are punishing teams with poor rotations in clinical fashion, and picking fantastic spots to win games.

Rounding out the top 3 is Atomic Esports. After a shaky Day 4 performance they came out swinging on Day 5 with the first triple digit single-day score of 100 and 3 Booyahs. Though they are not having the most spectacular placements, they are more than making up for it in kills, with Dakz and Flow picking up 34 kills and 33 kills respectively. And with Abreu in the mix anything is possible for this deep-zone squad.

The Bottom – Group A Blues

Three teams from Group A find themselves in range of finals qualification (Pisar, Club 9D, and IT Official) whilst the remaining three are in the bottom four.

  • Believe it or not, SKB is somehow both in 21st place overall, and tied for highest single-map average placement with 2.33 on Kalahari. It seems they are finding spots the play but not optimizing their kill potential
  • Between contested drops and bad team fights, and a grand total of 2 kills on Purgatory, OG Wipe Gang has not gained any momentum in the tournament. They will need to entirely rework their strategy if they expect to avoid elimination
  • BrothersYT currently have the lowest single day score of 12 points. Their drop strategy of dropping Blue Zone every game is proving volatile to say the least, and one I believe is unsustainable at this stage of the tournament
  • All eyes on you Big Drip. Unable to break triple digits across three gamedays, they are often contesting some of the top teams on drop spots and rarely walking out alive, leaving them in dead last. Three game days left to avoid elimination, and they are going to need every single one of them.

If you didn’t tune in for the first half of the tournament, you most certainly want to miss the second. We will be live on Twitch and Youtube on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 6pm EST for the next 2 weeks to see which teams will stake their claim to the finals and which teams will crumble under the pressure of the top NA squads.

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